Berlin Millhouse and Füchse Berlin Reinickendorf: A strong partnership from the neighbourhood

Berlin Millhouse GmbH is delighted to welcome Füchse Berlin Reinickendorf as a new co-operation partner. This partnership is particularly important to us as it is based on our shared roots in our neighbourhood. We are honoured and delighted to be able to support such a renowned sports club and become part of their sporting and social community.

The Füchse family: more than just a sports club
The Füchse Berlin Reinickendorf are far more than just an ordinary sports club. Their roots go back to 1891, and over the decades they have developed into one of the largest and most respected clubs in Berlin. With around 4,500 members who are active in over 25 different sports, the Füchse offer a sporting home for young and old, beginners and professionals alike.

The importance of partnership
The co-operation between Berlin Millhouse GmbH and Füchse Berlin Reinickendorf is a testament to the strength and cohesion of our community. We are proud to be able to contribute to the promotion of sport in our region and look forward to many joint projects and successes.

Shared goals and values
Our co-operation is based on shared values such as fairness, team spirit and social commitment. Füchse Berlin Reinickendorf not only stands for sporting success, but also for a strong community and the promotion of young talent. We at Berlin Millhouse GmbH share these values and see the partnership as an opportunity to carry forward and promote these ideals together.

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