With us, you play a role in shaping the future

Berlin Millhouse is the specialist for mechanical machining and subsequent deburring and finishing processes for a wide range of industries. We assure commercial success by target-oriented, sustainable actions and absolute commitment in everything we do. At the same time, the solid foundations of our company are built on our many years of excellence in machining. Together with our highly motivated workforce in a results-oriented corporate culture, we inspire our customers and establish dependable, long-term partnerships. We shape the future.

Our mission statement


Individually and collectively, we all bear responsibility for the achievement of our goals. These goals include not only the success of our company, but also environmental objectives.


We give and receive constructive feedback as a form of appreciation. We resolve all issues constructively, as we believe that every new experience and point of view is a further step in the right direction.

Team spirit

Our working practices are characterized by engagement and dependability. We work with clearly defined objectives and assist and support each other at all times, both within our company and in relations with our suppliers and customers.

The future

We move with the times and position ourselves as a focused, innovative, and modern industrial company. Together with you, we make a real contribution to shaping our mutual future.

Responsibility for people and nature.

Sustainability & the environment

Berlin Millhouse GmbH has set the goal of positioning itself a sustainable and environmentally conscious company. We are aware of our responsibility toward people and the environment and take account of this throughout our entire value creation chain and in all dealings with our suppliers and partners. In the long-term, we wish to consolidate and expand our success through our economic actions and activities.

We believe that qualitatively superior products and environmental protection under consideration of ethical principles are a cornerstone for the sustainable and environmentally compatible development of our company.

For instance, we implement measures to conserve resources and minimize consumption of materials in the early phases of project planning to ensure that our production is cost-effective and efficient along the entire value creation chain. We rely on the following three pillars as the basis for sustainable development:

  • Efficiency: Optimized and disciplined utilization of materials and energy
  • Sufficiency: Minimization of rejects and consumables in production processes
  • Consistency: Recycling of rejects, waste prevention, and appropriate disposal of hazardous wastes

Our History

Our wheels never stand still.