Our service portfolio

Thanks to our more than 40 years of experience, we are able to offer our customers an extensive portfolio of different products and services. In addition to our core expertise in the mechanical machining of die-cast aluminum components and components from other non-ferrous metals, we also offer comprehensive post-development advisory services along the entire value creation chain and beyond.

Our customer-orientated approach is reflected in our everyday work, the relentless pursuit of perfection. Our aim is to exceed our customers’ quality requirements and expand on them with our in-house quality demands.


Our extensive machine park enables us to manufacture extremely complex and sophisticated components for you from a wide range of different materials. Our three-shift system allows us to offer both one-off component manufacturing and high-volume production. The ongoing expansion of our machining and finishing centers enables us to fulfill all the latest quality standards in our industry segment.

Technical boundary conditions

  • 3 to 5-axis
  • Deep-hole drilling


Our state-of-the art CNC lathes with live tooling options enable the exceptionally precise production of your components from a range of different materials, from one-off parts to high-volume production runs.


In our cleaning station, we wash your components with dimensions up to 600mm x 400mm x 300mm and a maximum weight of 150 kg. Thanks to our many years of experience with cleaning processes, we achieve component cleanliness levels in the size range of up to 600 microns (largest metallic particles).


Berlin Millhouse GmbH is committed to precision, innovation, and sustainability. We stand for highest quality and think in micrometer tolerances.

Berlin Millhouse - Hochdruckwasserspülen

High-pressure water jet cleaning

Our high-pressure water jet cleaning system enables us to remove production residues from components at pressure of up to 500 bar. This guarantees clean and precise refinement and finishing of our components.

Berlin Millhouse - ECM-Entgraten

ECM deburring

With our ECM deburring technologies, we can remove burrs and flash from even the most convoluted components by the interaction of a cathode individually matched to the workpiece, an electrolyte, and high electric current at low voltage. The process is appropriately adapted for the component with regard to the time and the electric current.


Components leaving the production line pass through a fully-automated cleaning station in which remaining production residues such as coolants and lubricants are removed by washing. Cleansing by the individually definable chemicals contained in the cleaning bath is supported by cleaning with rotating, high-pressure water jets. In the cleaning station, the components are washed at temperatures of around 80°C. In an integrated vacuum-drying process, the cleaned components are dried and appropriately cooled for subsequent applications.

Berlin Millhouse - Dichtigkeitsprüfung mit Druckluft

Compressed air leakage testing

Compressed air leakage testing is performed in a separate climate-controlled room to verify the components’ required resistance to leakage. In this process, automated pressure testing is enabled by tools individually fabricated to fit the component. On completion of testing and approval, each component is labeled with a unique serial number.

Berlin Millhouse - 3D Koordinatenmesstechnik

3D coordinate measuring technology

As a part of the serial production testing regime, 3D coordinate measuring plays a substantial role in our value creation chain and is performed in a separate, climate-controlled room. This room is where the fulfillment of our stringent quality standards is verified before a component can be prepared for delivery. High-precision systems from Zeiss and Mitutoyo enable us to check the final dimensions with extremely tight tolerances in the micron range. The detailed documentation of the automated measuring procedure is then processed and prepared for delivery to the customer.

Berlin Millhouse - Endoskop-Prüfung

Endoscopic inspection

The trained eyes of our colleagues check the otherwise inaccessible parts of our products with an endoscope to verify compliance with the customer’s specifications. After approval, each individually checked component is labeled with a seal that confirms its compliance with our most stringent quality standards.

Berlin Millhouse - Technischer Sauberkeitsraum

Technical cleanroom facility

In our technical cleanroom facility, microscopic examination enables us to identify even the finest particles. This room is especially equipped for the purpose of conducting particle measurements, which are then appropriately evaluated and documented. Thanks to state-of-the-art equipment we are able to identify particles with sizes of less than 25 microns.

Berlin Millhouse - Prozesstechnik

Process engineering

In process engineering, we integrate the individual specifications for our products in the production line to ensure efficient and sustainable production. In his way, we achieve the enormous flexibility required for the fulfillment of tightly scheduled production deadlines. The tooling and subsequent setting takes place in a special area, in which special tool measuring and setting units (Mapal Uniset P) are employed to ensure fulfillment of the customer’s specifications.

Thanks to cutting-edge technologies, the issuing of tools is also partially automated. Almost every component is provided with a dedicated clamping fixture for each of the machines used in the production process. This is manufactured and serviced in collaboration with our customers and partners.

Berlin Millhouse - Instandhaltung


Our continuous servicing and centralized predictive maintenance guarantee the extremely high technical availability of our machine park. Systematic root cause analysis helps in the prevention future defects and enables us to achieve efficient and sustainable production.

Our aim is to exceed the customer’s quality requirements.

Customer Service & Project Management

We offer our customers everything from one single source: “One single point of contact” – includes everything from the examination of the customer’s request for a quotation, the preparation of an offer, the selection and management of suppliers, to the sourcing of raw materials, production, final assembly, refining, finishing, and delivery of the components. Thanks to our many years of experience, we are able to offer our customers an extensive portfolio of advisory services.

Quality Management

At Berlin Millhouse GmbH, quality assurance is firmly anchored in every step of the value creation chain. Our employees, our suppliers, and our customers can therefore all contribute to assuring and guaranteeing our most stringent quality standards.

We have a passion for quality. We are motivated by our firm commitment to convincing our customers with the outstanding quality of our products and processes.

Building on our more than 40 years of experience and certifications, we have realized and implement our quality management procedures in accordance with, amongst others, the following criteria:

  • Supplier development
  • Constant quality checks along the entire value creation chain
  • FMEA