A la carte high-volume production

Thanks to production capacities for over eight million components per year, we are in a position to offer our customers an extremely broad spectrum of products. In combination with our over 3,000 m2 production facility, our machine park enables us to offer both high volume production and one-off component manufacturing. Thanks to our permanent three-shift system, we can guarantee our customers daily production volumes of more than 5,000 components.


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Reference Products

At Berlin Millhouse GmbH, our modern and versatile machine park enables us to offer our customers a broad spectrum of mechanically machined and other products.

Berlin Millhouse - Flansch für Common Rail Pumpe

for a common rail diesel pump

Berlin Millhouse - Hydraulikpumpe Lenksystem, Nutzkraftfahrzeuge

Hydraulic pump Steering system
for commercial vehicles

Berlin Millhouse - Gehäuse für Abgasrückführung

for exhaust gas recirculation system

Berlin Millhouse - Verschlussdeckel für Automatikgetriebe

Cover plate
for an automatic transmission

Berlin Millhouse - Wasserpumpengehäuse für Motorkühlung

Water pump housing
for an engine cooling system

Berlin Millhouse - Kühlkörper für elektronische Lenkung

Heat sink
for an electronic power steering system

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